Starting at a young age, handle your pet thoroughly.  It is very important to handle your pet so it will be accustomed to being touched before the grooming session.  Every day, take time to gently massage ears, face and feet.
Establish a grooming routine.  Place your pet on a table or counter top so your pet is in a standing position on a non-slip surface.  Laps are for loving, not grooming.  Just 5 minutes a day of combing will maintain most breeds while also ensuring quality bonding time for you and your pet.
Know the demands of your pets coat.  Different breeds require different upkeep.  For example, a long haired dog such as a Maltese or Shih Tzu needs to be combed with a metal comb.  However, a short haired dog such as a Bulldog or Lab needs to be brushed with a product like a zoom groom.  With some dogs, a special shampoo may be needed to improve their skin and coat.  Never use dish soap or human soap to bathe your pet.
Socialize your puppy.  Obedience training and crate training will not only help your pets grooming experience, but will greatly improve your day to day routine.
Establish a dental care routine.  You can help maintain your pets pearly whites by brushing regularly and providing toys such as rope bone or tartar control treats.
Your stylist receives great pleasure from helping clients maintain a healthy and thriving relationship with their pets.  Please feel free to ask any questions, any time.
Starting as early as 8 weeks, you can bring your new puppy in to your pet stylist to get use to the grooming experience.  This will ensure that their future years of grooming will be positive.